A couple of years ago my wife and I went on a wildlife sanctuary vacation. We were told at the beginning of the vacation that this was going to be a no brainer. We knew we were going to see some exotic species, but when we got there, well, it was really hard to take it all in. In this blog, I will try to address some of the challenges associated with wildlife sanctuaries and parks. We’ve ended up making a couple of friends in the wildlife sanctuary that we visit, so I have this relationship, too.

When we first visited the wildlife rescue, we were unprepared. We didn’t know if we even had wildlife we could look after. There was this particular female that we saw that was in her fenced-in enclosure and she was quite agitated. This was the third day that we had been at the wildlife rescue; one had not noticed. So, we all dressed up in our gear and headed out to see what we could learn. We all had fun and got to meet some nice people that have an interest in wildlife conservation and love seeing the wildlife in their natural habitat.

As we were leaving the wildlife sanctuary, we had a little bit of downtime. The weather was nice and only one other couple was walking around, which did not help much. This is a blog about wildlife, so I wanted to share this interesting little encounter that we had.

The next morning, they told us that there was a bear that was eating around. They said that it was only a medium-sized bear. Since we all came for a wildlife blog, we all decided that it would be fun if we could get a picture of this animal. So, while they were away, we got a couple of our digital cameras and headed over. We ended up with this picture of what looked like a bad Panda, but we were not sure and it could have been a Polaris.